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Deep Dive - Hypnosis Therapy Session

Transformational session to find something deep in you that is hidden away.

  • 3 hr
  • 250 euros
  • Information will be with the booking

Service Description

This session is one of the deepest and best to get the hidden answer in your soul from your past, and a way to find old habits in you This session is around 4 hours because we have a talk about where you are in your life so we explore what is important to you in the Hypnoses, then also about what will happen in the Hypnoses so you feel truly safe then after the talk. You will go to the toilet so you are ready because when the Hypnoses starts you can not go to the toilet and the same for me as well. Then After You will lay you down in a nice and calm place to start the journey where you get a blanket over you so we sure you will not get cold. Then you can feel free in your soul to get all the information you need in Hypnoses Then we start where I will bring you into a meditation to open you up to the Hypnoses. After the mediation, we start the Journey into the Hypnoses that brings all kind of things that can happen, I am with you all the way. We will work till we get the answer you need, then you will come back again as new and transformed person, thinking about what you found that you need to change about your outlook to yourself and love yourself. Depending on your experience during the session and if you can let go of your ego, you may feel the effects straight away or after several sessions. PLEASE NOTE: During the session, you will be fully aware and not lose control of who of you are a all

Cancellation Policy

Money only get back 2 days before the session as I use money one pay for my place to have the session

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