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Tantra Session Massage

Only very few session Available It's a very Uniqe Gift to Receive

  • 3 hr
  • 275 euros
  • Information will be with the booking

Service Description

Welcome to My Tantra Temple, Eabeauti! Tantra is about conscious touch, it is an art that connects to your heart when you are open & present with another soul. Receiving conscious touch helps us connect deeply with ourselves, our sensual & love life. Experience a Deep level of spiritual & sensuality. Allowing us to be both relaxed & be ecstatic in the body & soul. This is a unique touch. That you never felt before. It's a deep, lovely connection with yourself just as you are. It's more than body-to-body It's an experience that words can't describe. My Tantra Massage Session: In this session, you will be the King or Queen, experiencing a beautiful, connecting touch. Before the Tantra massage session : I prepare myself through breathing meditation & yoga. I then prepare the room with love candles, aromas, A special oil made with love to your body. A foot bath is ready with Himalayan salt, special herbs, & a special soap for your feet. When you come to the session We start with a foot bath while we connect & talk about what Tantra is. What are the benefits & gains you can get in your life so you can live to the fullest Then we start the Tantra massage where you'll experience this amazing touch. After the massage session, The next day I will follow up with you how you feel in your soul I will send you all the information we talked about All of this is incredible value for you, as my Purpose is to transform Peoples lives. Consider it an investment in yourself, a journey to discover new things & improve your life. It is important to continue to receive Tantra touch, As you'll feel growth & confidence in your soul every time you receive it Your body will be full of energy, & you will radiate love from your heart, making your immune system much stronger. Yes, there is Scientific Evidence showing that touch changes our soul & DNA. As we are all energy & all is imagination, As Nikola Tesla discovered in the early 1900s. The Benefits for Men: Inner strength. Being a better lover. Assisting with erectile dysfunction. Addressing premature ejaculation. Easing anxiety. Becoming multi-orgasmic. Releasing stress, grief, shame, & anger in your chest. The Benefits for Women: Embracing feminine. Increasing sensuality in the body. Awakening the joy of desire and pleasure. Finding your true self. Releasing stress, grief, shame, and anger in the breasts.

Cancellation Policy

Money only get back 2 days before the session as I use money one pay for my place to have the session

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